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    LIBYA: Self-Proclaimed Freedom Fighters

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    LIBERIA: Culture of Impunity for Rapists

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    LIBERIA: Peace Without Justice (CBC Dispatches)

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    LIBERIA: Wheels of Justice

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    EGYPT: New Freedom, New Music

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    UGANDA: Delicious Peace

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    LIBERIA: Overcrowded Prisons

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    SUDAN: Great Expectations

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    LIBERIA: Male Midwives

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    LIBERIA:Sirleaf Campaign


Wheels of Justice in Liberia


The West African country of Liberia is still struggling to deal with the violent aftermath of its prolonged civil war. Rape was used as a weapon of war, and now, though the war has ended, Liberian women and girls are still suffering from rape at alarming rates. Most victims, however, are too poor to travel long distances for a medical exam or criminal trial, and police officers have no vehicles to investigate the crimes. And so many of these rapes go unreported and are never taken to court.

For the past year, a non-profit has been providing transport for taking these crimes to court — but funding is running out. Bonnie Allen brings us the story.

World Vision Report: Wheels of Justice

Male Midwives


According to UNICEF, women in Liberia have a 1 in 12 risk of dying from giving birth over their lifetimes. Access to midwives could prevent most of these deaths, but there's a dire shortage of trained midwives in Liberia, especially in rural areas.

Recently, a midwifery school in a remote corner of the country decided to start admitting male students. Going against tradition, these new students have to deal with more than just homework.

Bonnie Allen brings us the story from southeastern Liberia.

World Vision Report: Male Midwives